IT Project Services

Eaton IT provide IT Project Services

Find out how Eaton IT’s experienced project services team can help you streamline the design and delivery of your IT projects.

What is Project Services?

Designing, developing and deploying IT projects in-house can be both complex and time-consuming. Whether it’s implementing a new security solution, designing a new network, or putting a disaster recovery and back-up solution in place, you need to source and allocate technical experts with a whole raft of specialist skills, as well as ensure your IT team isn’t pulled away from other vital tasks. In addition, keeping your IT team productive, and ensuring you’re allocating the most appropriate people to the most appropriate tasks can be a full-time role in itself.

It’s for this reason that many businesses choose to outsource the design and delivery of their IT projects to an expert IT partner. Eaton IT offers a team of specialist IT professionals, and can provide a range of services on a project-basis, across areas such as unified communications, networking, cloud computing, virtualistion, storage, disaster recovery and more.

How it works

Fully customised solutions

We listen closely to your needs and recommend a solution based on your scope, budget, timeframe and in-house capabilities. We also consistently meet with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that what we are delivering is in keeping with your expectations.


End-to-end project management

As soon as we are engaged you will receive a dedicated project manager, who will immediately reach out to you to explain the next steps and host a start-up meeting. Your project manager will ensure everyone is aligned regarding the scope and the outcomes, and will identify all pre-requisites as early as possible so everyone can hit the ground running and will continue driving results through to completion.


Rigorous processes

Our project management methodology includes five distinct phases: initiation, definition, planning, execution, and control and delivery. At the start of every project, we conduct design workshops, in which we verify all of the requrements for each stakeholder while walking through the solution. We then commence a detailed design activity, in which all documents are peer-reviewed and agreed and signed-off by customer stakeholders.


Quality control

We work diligently to ensure that all major parts of a project, from smallest to largest, have their own process map. Technical elements are tested in a lab environment and perfected prior to being installed on-site. And everything we learn from our experience with different pieces of technology is also reverse-engineered into our processes.


Scope management

We implement effective change control processes in order to minimise the impact of scope creep – yet ensure any vital improvements or additions are incorporated in the best way possible. We consider and report on the impact to other elements of the project and specifically analyse the effect on cost and timeframe.


Clear project hand-over

At the completion of the project, we will provide a thorough handover of all project documentation and training, and ensure your internal team have the skills to perform any necessary maintenance on an ongoing basis.