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Find out how a Managed Desktop Services from Eaton IT can help you empower your employees, take a more strategic view of your IT, improve security, minimise risk, and gain greater peace of mind.

Based in Wigan Lancashire, Eaton IT provide remote Managed Desktop Services for office based and mobile users alike.

What is Managed Desktop Services?

As an IT manager today, you’re continually forced to do more with less. You need to respond to your employees’ demands for flexibility and mobility, ensure a high level of security, and ensure your overall IT infrastructure is scalable and cost-effective. Managing disparate desktop set-ups – and responding to ongoing demands from all corners - can be complex and time-consuming. All of this can leave you bogged-down with administrative duties, like on-boarding new users and providing day-to-day fixes, rather than focusing on the ‘big picture’ of your organisation’s IT.

It’s for this reason that Eaton IT offers our Managed Desktop Service. By taking care of your day-to-day user and technical support, security, data backup and recovery, and mobile device management, we can provide you with the reliability and stability you need.


How it works?

Service desk and end-user support

As soon as your people experience an issue, they can simply lodge a ticket with the Eaton IT 24/7 Service Desk. Operational every day of the year, our service desk is staffed by experienced professionals with a focus on resolving the issue quickly and easily. The service desk team is available on phone, email and via our E-portal.

Technical support

We can also streamline your IT management – providing readily available technical support to ensure the optimal management of hardware devices and client management systems, whether they are onsite or remote. We always assign the very best technical resources to resolve any issues, fast.

User account and profile management

Setting up, maintaining and disabling user profiles can also be another laborious and time-consuming aspect of IT management. When you choose our Managed Desktop Services, we can take care of this aspect on your behalf – ensuring you can get new users up and running quickly, and respond quickly when a staff member leaves the organisation.

Data back-up and restoration

With Eaton IT as your partner, you needn’t worry about establishing data recovery and back-up plans for your everyday desktop computing. Your data will be safely and securely backed up in our enterprise-grade datacentres, in line with the very latest security standards and compliance measures.

Mobile device management

To stay as productive as possible, your people need to work anywhere – on any device. However, managing a disparate selection of devices can be complex. Our experienced team can help you establish Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and compliance measures that work for your organisation.


Ensuring the security of your infrastructure is one of Eaton IT’s key priorities. We ensure an optimal level of protection by providing vulnerability scanning and reporting, and deploying critical patches to managed applications, operating systems and hardware.